I can see the science in that…

Today’s project was to take a snap and see the science, maths, geography, music, art….relate it to pretty much anything really, some of my favorites. Forces in action     Wall patterns  … Continue reading

I should have seen the light…..

The first trip i took with my htb was to the Isle of Wight, always love being by the sea, and you can’t beat a good light house with the waves crashing around.… Continue reading

When is a duck not a duck?

So we were walking down the road outside Ubud Bali and we hear a commotion in the paddy fields to our right, and the next thing we know about 100 ducks are going… Continue reading

Dragons fight to the finish….

Dragon boat day in Likas Bay saw some exciting finishes, as the dragons raced across the water to the beat of the drums.

Crab migration.

While walking along Seminyak beach Bali we spotted millions of crabs making for the water, as tiny as a finger nail.  

When the sunset meets the rain…

An explosion of light like a tornado meeting a volcano..  

Got my eyes on you..!

More beautiful feathered friends at the falconry centre, Casper the barn owl was my firm favourite, lucky me even got to hold him on a glove.    

Owl be watching you.

Some beautiful birds from our recent visit to a falconry centre, so intelligent, alert and all watching their eyes on you.  

A very fine pair.

A beautiful pair of eagles regularly circle near our accommodation here in Kota Kinabalu, am determined to get a better pic!

The things you do for a better photo – thats not in any hand book…..

I am not into dressing up, some people lovit. We drive frequently by the Mosque in KK on our way out of town to the one big shopping centre, so decided to call… Continue reading