A very fine pair.

A beautiful pair of eagles regularly circle near our accommodation here in Kota Kinabalu, am determined to get a better pic!

The things you do for a better photo – thats not in any hand book…..

I am not into dressing up, some people lovit. We drive frequently by the Mosque in KK on our way out of town to the one big shopping centre, so decided to call… Continue reading

Traditional sabah dancers.

The taller it is the more powerful you appear.

Down at First Beach KK, Sabah we were treated to some performers in traditional dress used for tribal dances, this one was fun, as they appeared to play cat and mouse with each… Continue reading

Traditional Sarawak costume and beads.

Down at First Beach today, the University pt on quite a display, organizing performers of dance and music to quite a crowd. These lovely girls show the traditional dress of Sarawak.

The sunset collection.

The sunset collection from First Beach, Kota Kinabalu. (Sorry to share another sunset post but we got a bit closer than last time, and fought back the crowds for a prime time view,… Continue reading

Creative light collection.

We found lots of different lighting creations in Bali, never missing an opportunity to show their creativity we started to log some…

Copy – cat fish.

Down in the carp pond at the temple of the Holy Spring, Bali, follow the white fish they seem to mirror each other.

Algae painting a reflection.

I took a picture of the pond, which unusually had algae in it even though it is fresh spring water, at the temple of the Holy Spring in Bali. The algae mixed with… Continue reading

Unidentified item in my shopping basket…..!

What are these crazy things we discovered in Bali! Do we eat them, cook them, bury them or all of the above??